Top Benefits of Electrical Vehicles and Getting Started With Your Home Charging Points

Generally, there are three main benefits to electric vehicles. First of all, electricity is cheaper than gasoline. Secondly, the savings in time and money from refueling is immense compared to a regular car. Lastly, maintaining your EV costs much less than a regular vehicle because they require less routine maintenance. The fuel efficiency of electric vehicles is typically over three times better than that of traditional cars. They also require much less service, resulting in maintenance costs that are 80% lower.

Electricity vs Petrol

When you compare electric driving with driving using gasoline, it becomes clear why electric vehicles are more efficient. Electricity prices vary across the country, but on average they cost about four cents per kWh (kilowatt-hour) (1). A gallon of gas can range from $0.83 to $4.00, depending on where you live and which state you’re in (2). Taking these values into consideration, electric charging your vehicle costs an average of $0.03 per mile driven versus $0.12 per mile for gasoline. This electric fuel efficiency is over three times better than the typical gas powered car.

Electric Fuel Efficiency

In general, electric vehicles (EVs) are significantly more fuel efficient than traditional cars. The electric engine in an electric vehicle allows it to drive at about three times the distance that a standard car can go on a full tank. Regular vehicles can drive an average of 400 miles before filling up, while electric vehicles often have between 200 and 300 miles per charge (3). When it comes to electric vehicles, gasoline cars aren’t even in the same ballpark.

Time and Money Saved

Another significant advantage to electric vehicles is that you save time and money with electric charging. If you compare electric vs. gasoline cars, then electric vehicles are better because electric fueling is much cheaper than gasoline, electric engines offer greater fuel efficiency, electric car maintenance costs are lower, and electric car refueling times are shorter (4).

Money Saved

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, electric cars reduce fuel costs by half when compared to the average gasoline car (4). If you take into account that electric charging your car is about $0.03 per mile driven, electric vehicles are definitely the more affordable option.

Time Saved

Charging your electric vehicle at home is typically much faster than filling up at a gas station. Once electric vehicles are fully charged they can go approximately 200-300 miles before the electric engine runs out of power, which is the equivalent of five hours of electric “fuel.”


Electric cars can have up to 80% lower maintenance costs than traditional cars. Electric engines require less routine maintenance, electric car batteries last for around 100,000 miles, electric fuel costs are about 75% cheaper than the regular price of gasoline, electric cars cost much less to service (5), and electric motors are much more efficient than regular engines (6).


Driving electric is better for the environment than driving gasoline. The electric car engine produces no tailpipe emissions, electric “fuel” doesn’t produce carbon emissions, electric engines are quieter than gasoline, electric vehicles use domestically generated power, electric cars are much lighter than the average car (which makes them much more efficient), electric vehicles are nonstick (6), and electric vehicle production produces less waste than traditional car manufacturing. Now you can see the benefits of owning an electrical vehicle I’m sure you’re wondering how to get started and how to setup a charging station at your home. Here are Raylec electrical we specialise in home electric vehicle charging point installation.  Contact us now for more information or visit our EV installation page to find out more.

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