Top 5 Reasons Drivers Are Switching To Electric Vehicles (EV)

The benefits of electric vehicles are reaching the headlines more and more.  Whether it’s Elon Musk’s latest Tweets, headlines surrounding a greener world or over 20 car manufacturers following suit and transitioning to greener energy.

No longer is an electric vehicle an overly priced inconvenience in our efforts to do our bit for the environment.  With more manufacturers on board, electric vehicles are becoming more cost effective than ever before.  Even charging the car is becoming easier than ever before with domestic EV charging stations.

1. Environmental benefits of electric cars

One of the main reasons for switching to electrical vehicles is to have a positive impact on the environment with everyone wanting to play their part.

This is especially beneficial in cities.  No more exhausts pumping constant fumes and smog in congested cities.  Local councils see this as great way to improve the quality of air.  Just imagine walking through Leicester town center at rush hour and breathing fresh air and not exhaust fumes.

Find out more about electric vehicles and the environment

2. Save Money – Electric Cars To Save Vehicle Running Costs

It’s not just green energy.  Have you seen the price of petrol going up, and up and up?

Of course, and you’ve probably wondered more than once how you can keep costs down.  Better yet, you’ve probably wondered how much money your neighbour is saving with their electric car.

On average, an electric car can drive 100 miles for £1.30-£1.50.  How much would it cost to drive 100 miles in a petrol car? You’d be looking at around £10-£15 depending on the car and the conditions.

It’s not just saving fuel costs by switching to electric vehicles.  As always, there’s a government incentive to green! Pure electric cars can benefit from no road tax.  There’s a ‘tax dodging’ incentive not to turn your nose up at.

But it doesn’t stop at saving fuel and dodging tax.  

Electric cars have less moving parts & components making them easier to maintain – and cheaper might I add.

When you see the Raylec team fitting an Electric Vehicle charging station in your neighbour’s front garden and you’re trying to calculate how much they’re saving – maybe it’s time to make the switch.

3. Benefit from £2,500 discount on your next purchase

In the UK the Government’s Plug-in Car grant is providing up to £2,500 off the price of an electric car.

There’s some fine print to the government incentive, but eligible electric vehicles are required to have CO2 emissions of less than 50g/km and a zero-emission range of 70 miles or more.

The grant is usually taken off the total price of the car by the dealer.

4. A smoother ride and driving experience

It’s not just saving the planet with your bare hands or that feeling of not having to fill your tank again every time you pass the petrol station – there’s even more benefit:

  • First off – benefit from high and responsive acceleration
  • Secondly – added battery efficiency with regenerative braking when easing the pressure on the accelerator and feeding energy back to the battery
  • Third – a quieter, smoother ride
  • Fourth – a lower centre of gravity and optimal weight distribution will improve handling, comfort and safety.

If this doesn’t convince you already, wait until you read the next benefit

5. Have you ever wanted to park for free?

A widely used incentive and benefit to encourage electric driving is free, priority or dedicated parking bays that are often positioned with convenient access in mind.

For example, in Leicester, electric car drivers can park for free in their city centre parking bays.

In London, Westminster residents with an electric vehicle can even apply for a free parking permit.

Not only that, but some bays are reserved for electric vehicles only!

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