The Electric Car Home Charging Guide

Home electric car charging has many different components that need to be considered. From where you charge your ev charging station to what type of ev charger is installed, electric vehicle charging at home has various areas. Here at The Local Electrician, we offer trusted electric vehicle charger installation and provide useful advice with ev home charging stations.

Here are some tips with home electric car charging:

  • AC chargers are connected directly to the car while DC chargers have a charging cable connect to the car
  • Depending on the ev charger it can take from 20-60 minutes to 24 hours plus to charge the car
  • Charging the electric vehicle will depend on the electricity rate and geographical location but it can cost from $2.10 to $5
  • To install a home charger it on average costs $1000-$6000 depending on the charging infrastructure

What is the Difference Between Electric Vehicle AC Charging and DC Charging?

There are two types of EV charging options but it will depend on the type of electric vehicle, charging speeds and the station. AC charging is often cheaper and easier to install but is often slower to charge. The charger is mostly connected to an electrical outlet and the charger is already connected to the vehicle. DC charging is faster and a cable connects to the car from a charging station but is often more expensive to install.

How Long Does Electric Car Charging Take?

Charging times will vary depending on the car’s type, charging station model, car’s battery size and the temperature. How much the charger needs to charge and the charger’s maximum charge rate will also influence the time. The average times for charging an electric car at home are:

  • Wall socket – 24 hours plus
  • Home wall box – 7-12 hours
  • AC charging – 4-7 hours
  • DC fast charging – 1-2 hours
  • DC ultra fast charging – 20-60 minutes

How Much Does EV Charging at Home Cost?

The cost of charging the vehicle will differ for each person as there are many different factors involved. Charging during peak or off-peak times to where in Australia the car is being charged will influence the price. Having the car charged from zero to full, the electric vehicle type and the type of charger will also influence the charging costs.

Charging the car at home during off-peak hours can cost $2.10 and during peak hours $5. At times, to charge the car it can rise to $8-$20 spending on the above factors.

Expert Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Services

The Local Electrician is here to perform the best electric vehicle charger installation work within the East Midlands. Each fully qualified electrician will know how to install any type of electric vehicle charger for all Electric Vehicle owners. We are also here to repair any damages on EV chargers and make sure to safely perform the service. Each electrician will also be able to provide useful guides and tips with electric vehicle cars and charging.

We offer our reliable electric vehicle charger installation and other Electric Vehicle services to all of the East Midlands including:

  • Leicester EV charger installation
  • Coventry EV charger installation
  • Nottingham EV charger installation
  • Northampton EV charger installation
  • Derby EV charger installation
  • Loughborough EV charger installation

The Local Electrician is here as professional Level 2 Electrician and Emergency Electrician services for us to carry out a wide range of electrical work in the suburbs.

When reliable trusted and expert electric vehicle car charging advice or services – trust The Local Electrician!

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