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Electric Vehicle charging enables the charging of all electric vehicles, electric hybrid vehicles as well as plug-in hybrid electric vehicles using existing wiring.

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You've Been Thinking About An Electric Vehicle

There is no doubt that Electronic Vehicles (EV) are the future. In 2019 more than 72,000 electronic vehicles were registered, a 22% growth on registrations in 2018*, and this is only predicted to increase year on year.

Making the environmentally correct choice for your vehicle is no longer difficult. Nearly all car manufacturers have some sort of EV on their forecourt and every day the UKs infrastructure for these vehicles is improving and expanding.

Installation of EV charging stations needs to be carried out by a qualified electrician, regardless of its location (domestic, commercial or public).

7 Simple Steps To Get Your EV Charger

Electric Vehicle Charging

Charging installation service.

No more searching for the right socket and wondering how it will fit in the space. The quick charging of your electric car has never been easier

EV charging service

Bollards are a great way to highlight a perimeter, driveway or garden path, as well as adding a touch of style. PIR Lighting or Motion Sensor lights are a great way to deter intruders or just reduce the light pollution from your property.

EV charging maintenance

In different parts of your outside environment at the touch of a button. Raylec has the know-how..

Easy Charge

Just plug it in and your electric car is now ready for charging.

What to Expect with the Installation of an EV Charger at Home

The option to charge your electric vehicle at home ensures that you are fuelled up and ready to move. Interestingly, the residential charging of electric vehicles is highly convenient and cost-effective.

For this reason, most EV drivers carry 80 percent of their charge at home using a electric vehicle charger.

Before embracing electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), several considerations ought to be factored in.

What You Need To Know

1. How the Charger Works

If you already own an electric vehicle, you probably are aware of the basics behind its functions. However, you probably do not know how the chargers work. The charging device is located inside the bonnet of your vehicle, and for it to work, it has to be connected to an external home electric car charger point. The EVSE serves as a link between the power source and the EV charger. Some of these devices can be mounted on a wall, while others are mounted on a metal pole.

2. Featured Improvements

During the installation process, certain additions can be made to boost performance. The stations can be upgraded with a dedicated circuit efficient operation. They are popular because they are fast. Before purchasing, consult our professional technician to find out if your home has enough power supply to support the station or if modifications to your metering cabinet are needed.

3. The Power Needed

Most of the EV chargers on the market today need a minimum of 240 volts. Our professional installers know the power a station requires and the amount of power the system can output. Installing a device that will need more power than can be supplied may put your home at risk and eventually damage the charging station and the vehicle charger.

4. Best Installation Point

The EVSE should be located in the garage or the place where you park your vehicle. Most cables run between the length of 15 to 25 feet, so this should be put into consideration. If the setup has to be a distance from your vehicle, the installer may have to extend the cables.

How do I get a charging station installed at home?

Interested in a home charging station? Understandable, given the many benefits. As it is extremely unwise to install a charging station yourself, we recommend that you should seek a properly certified installer.

Therefore, all of our tailor-made charging station quotations include installation by one of our own authorised installers. This way you can be safe in the knowledge that your EV charger is properly and safely installed.

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I needed an electrician quickly for an urgent job, Raylec came quickly, at exactly the time they arranged, and carried out the work with the minimum of disruption and no mess.

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