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Electrical issues can happen at any time, any day. They can cause you serious, costly problems, as well as safety concerns.

We offer a fast response, same day emergency electrician at your door, ready to remedy all your electrical issues and problems, stress and hassle free!

Same Day Callout

Same Day Callout

Made Safe Before We Leave
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Do You Need Emergency Assistance?

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Our electricians are fully qualified and experienced in all methods of electrics for homes and businesses in Leicestershire and across the Midlands. We put our customers’ needs first, providing a rapid emergency response so that your electrical problem can be fixed in no time.

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Fast Response

When issues arise with your property, you want them resolved as fast as possible and with minimum disruption. We offer a fast response & emergency call out service to deal with issues when they arise as well as minimising any further damage.


Repairs can need dealing with at any time of the day or night. That’s peace of mind that you can get your problem resolved – at exactly the right time.

Got An Emergency?

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Domestic & Commercial

We provide maintenance, repair and installation services across both domestic and commercial properties. We work at times that are convenient for you and your tenants, with minimal disruption to your business.

Fix It or Make It Safe

We guarantee that the issue will be made safe before we leave, and in many cases, even fixed. For complex issues, a repeat visit may be required, but rest assured the problem will be made safe before we leave.


What Type Of Emergencies Have We Handled Lately?

Family No Electricity

Sunday night at 6pm a family with two small children had a blackout due to a broken circuit. No lights, TV or kitchen appliances scared the children and left the parents feeling stuck. We arrived in 25 minutes and fixed the issue so that their family could return to normal life.

Supermarket Checkouts Offline

An electrical error caused the checkouts in a supermarket to go offline. Our team were on site in under 20 minutes and were able to fix the issue in one visit. Offline checkouts can be a costly problem and need to be resolved

Production Line Disruption

A production line for mailing and catalogues was out of action at 3am due to an electrical fault. Our team arrived in half an hour and had the machines back in operation. An offline production line can cause severe disruption to operations – the quicker they can be resolved, the better

Our award winning team are always on hand to handle emergencies, whether it be at home, at work, landlords or industrial. We promise to make it safe before we leave.

Let's Fix Your Electrical Emergency

Get in touch today and we will show you what’s available and work with you to get the best for your outdoor space

Step 1: Call us immediately

Step 2: Same-Day arrival & assess problem

Step 3: We fix the problem & make it safe