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Whether it’s a full rewire or just a socket change we are the team to ask. Raylec have been providing domestic electrical services since 2008, from simple light or socket changes to replacement consumer units and property rewiring.

Regardless of the job’s size we install, check, test and certify all of our work in line with UK standards, no exception.


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Responded immediately to a problem with a customers outside electrical supply to the garage that was tripping off in the consumer unit / fuse board for no reason all of a sudden in the evening. Tested and found the cable underground had gone faulty

We managed to make safe and get temporary power on to the freezers overnight.

The next day we pin pointed the fault in the cable and dug a strategic hole to expose the problem. The cable was fixed with a resin joint that will not cause problems again.

The area made good as new and power back on with the customers delight.

We then provided NICEIC certification for our works.

We were contacted by a customer who had problems with some outside garden lighting that no longer worked and would trip out the house electrics.

The lights had been installed about 4 years.

The customer had had another electrician to fix the lighting but he had made some alterations to the wiring, but it still tripped off the house electrics after he had finished.

We attended to the fault finding request and did a full regime of electrical testing.

The main wiring was not the problem but the 230v lights flexes themselves had degraded from wildlife biting the cables causing small nick that were hard to see causing water to ingress but showed up by the Tests.

Our solution was to convert the lighting installation to Safety Extra Low Voltage SELV 12/24v.

The new LED lights would now work without any danger of tripping the house electrics with the added benefit of being free from any chance of electrocution.

We also sleeved the cables with flexible conduits to protect the cables from wildlife.

We install numerous replacement Consumer Units / Fuse Boards to the latest Regulations BS7671 18ed IEE regs. Individual 30mA RCBO protection for each circuit so that if there is a problem then only that circuit trips and not half the property.

Surge Protection SPD help protect the property’s Electrical Equipment from occasional High Voltage Surges from the Electricity Board.

All circuits Labeled, Tested and NICEIC Certification & Part P Building Regulation Certificate of Compliance.

We undertake numerous Rewires and Extension electrical installations providing fast and efficient workflow to enable the property to be up and running in no time.

All works carried skillfully so as not to unduly damage the fabric of the property for example using dust collecting wall chasers and dust collecting floorboard saws to give neat precise cuts.

We protect areas with dust sheets and carpet and floor protection as a standard.

We get asked by customers to replace their older down lights for LED which are Fire Rated and gives the option of selectable CCT (correlated color temperature) Whiteness from Warm to Cool 3000k 4000k 6000k.

This is normally followed by additional lighting requested in areas not previously lit i.e.

Wall Washing LED,

Cabinet Lighting Above Below and

Internal Plinth Lighting,

RGB Color changing available for all the above.

In Raylec’s opinion the best light fitting is one you cannot see… it is the lighting effect that sets the mood.

Raylec install various switching options to suit the customer’s needs including Decorative & Smart.

Outside lighting needs to be thought about carefully. Things to consider are:

  • Nuisance to neighbors
  • Undue light pollution
  • Health & Safety ie lighting steps etc.
  • Electrical safety of the wiring keeping 230V cabling to a minimum.
  • Using SELV Safety Extra low Voltage 12V & 24V as much as possible for Lighting and cabling.
  • Setting up the lighting to provide the correct lighting effects.
  • Remote switching to enable the lights to be controlled from inside and outside if required.
  • Soft Landscaping is lights in the lawned & flowerbed areas.
  • Hard landscaping is lighting in the Slabs, Walls and Steps etc.


We install a vast amount lighting and power for Landscaping Companies who carryout large projects.

We install Smart Home technologies ranging from Hard Wired to Wireless controlled:

  • Lighting
  • Sockets
  • Thermostats for Boilers
  • Electrical Heating
  • Air Conditioning controls
  • Curtains & Blinds
  • Door Access
  • CCTV
  • Intruder Alarm
  • Audio


We provide on going support to our customers with our various maintenance packages.

Outdoor Inferred heaters can be installed in various locations in the garden to allow entertaining to carryon even when it gets chilly.

Some lucky customers get us to install the power to their new outside saunas & steam rooms.

This requires large cables installed to cater for the extra power needed

When we install the electrics for swimming pools great care is taken to get the power requirements correct so that the installation complies with NICEIC & Part P Special Locations Regs BS7671 IEE 18thed
We love installing lighting and pond power as the effects that can be achieved with well placed lighting to waterfalls and fountains really add to the wow factor of the garden in the evenings.

We cater for all the electrical needs required for outdoor living with style.

Power to fridges, hot plates, ovens, drink dispensers and heaters.

There has been a boom in garden buildings from work to play. We cater for all the types of electrics needed to make them fully functional

Examples include:

  • Sockets
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Functional lighting
  • Party lighting
  • Data, Wi-Fi
  • Audio systems
  • Projectors etc.
Most properties suffer from poor Wi-Fi coverage due to streaming on too many devices and the trend is to get us to install dedicated CAT5e cabling to TVs and game consoles to get the best speeds and take the demand off the Wi-Fi

When we install TVs projectors and audio etc we make sure the cabling is installed as neat and hidden as possible throughout.

We provide wiring diagrams showing all the installed cables installed which are labelled at each end.

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Wide variety of domestic electrical services from adding/replacing power sockets through to full rewiring. All of our domestic services are offered at competitive rates and we are an NICEIC approved domestic installer.

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Approved NICEIC commercial installer and offer a complete range of services including part/full rewiring through new build installations and lightning protection.

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Electrical requirements for any new project such as an extension, a summer house or garden room, Smart Home technology, new security systems or home improvements including LED lights and outdoor lighting

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Ross Elliott, The Garden Design Company


We work with Raylec on multiple projects of various sizes and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone.

The great communication, reliability, professionalism and customer care is consistent with their high standard of work

Gary McCarthy, McCarthy Heritage Ltd


I needed an electrician quickly for an urgent job, Raylec came quickly, at exactly the time they arranged, and carried out the work with the minimum of disruption and no mess.

I’d highly recommend them, and will certainly use them again

Mrs H. Spurrier


I needed an electrician quickly for an urgent job, Raylec came quickly, at exactly the time they arranged, and carried out the work with the minimum of disruption and no mess.

I’d highly recommend them, and will certainly use them again

Richard Chamberlain, Centre Operations Manager Octagon Shopping Centre


We have used Raylec for several years and we are delighted with their professionalism and standard of work. In addition, their reactiveness and customer service has been amazing.

Whenever I have a problem I have trust in Raylec to provide the help and the correct solution. Raylec are the best and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

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